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The Dreaded Part of the Process

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You thought I was going to say CEs (copy edits), didn't you! HAH! Those are easy compared to the...ugh photo session for a picture at the back of the book.

I was going to pay someone to take my picture, but then money got tight (the DH has GOT to stop remodeling!). When money ran out, I thought, okay, I can use that dated photo I have on the website, OR I can get the DH and a friend to do some photos. So this past weekend, the DH aka Tim "Toolman" Taylor and his friend AL dragged out ladders and cameras for a home grown photo shoot. Me, I was struggling not to sneeze, tear up or otherwise be miserable from allergies, thanks to all the pollen that STILL does exist in our neck of the woods.

The photo shoot was fun, but I was looking at some of the DH's shots on the digital camera and thinking, OMG...

well I won't tell you what I was thinking because it's too disgusting even for me and my self-deprecating wit. Out of the shots the DH took, I found ONE that I might have been able to live with, but in the end I said no, I'll stick with the current professional shot I have.

Then tonight, Tim "Toolman" Taylor walks in from Target with Al's photos from Saturday (Al has an antique camera and it requires film) . Tim hands me a small clip sheet of about 12 photos.

"This is it."

"What do you mean this is it?"

"That's all they could find on the roll."

"How in the hell can you not find at least 36 shots on that roll of film. I KNOW Al took a lot more than this!"

"Well there's only what you see on the sheet. Look at the negatives." Tim snaps the negatives out of their folds like someone displaying a plastic wallet string of credit cards. "See, look at all the blank spots."

So I'm going OMG, I'm just NOT suppose to have my picture taken. So I scan through them on the computer with Tim hanging over my shoulder. We get to one and Tims says,

"Hey, I like that one, it's good." His words make me slowly turn my head and I give him THE LOOK!

"You can't be serious."

"No, I like it. What's wrong with it?"

Now I look at him with that "who are you and what have you done with my husband" look. I shake my head slowly.

"Umm, well for one thing I look like Quasimodo, hunchback and ALL! Now go away and I'll figure out what I want. Naturally Tim's feeling a bit resentful.

"I don't know what you don't like about the picture. I think it's a good shot."

Clearly the man has no marketing sense whatsoevah! So I thought I'd post them here to see what others thought. Take a look and vote for your fav. I think I've already made up my mind, but I'm always willing to be persuaded otherwise. We're always tougher on ourselves, or so I've heard. These are all in B&W because that's how they're going to appear in the book. Better that you see them the way they're going to be!

Photo 1

This one is really scary because I AM my Mother's DAUGHTER! AAAAAAHHHH! Seriously, I do look like my Mom in this photo, the Italian hand curled, the smile and the laughing squint! *grin*

Photo 2

This shot looks like I'm getting ready to tell you exactly what I think. Do I really need this kind of a shot in the back of a book??

Photo 3

I feel certain this is NOT the one. I look too smug and moderately intelligent. The expression on my face says, you looking at me? You looking at ME? Why? My picture is here in the back of the book because I'm the author.

Photo 4

This one sort of LOOKS like an author photo, BUT it looks like I was having a HORRIBLY Bad hair day, when in fact, my hair actually looked nice that day. On the side it looks like I've got a bowl style hair cut where the hair stops just short of the ear. Sort of like that Hitler sideswipe hairstyle. God Forbid!

So go ahead. Vote and let me know what you think. You're not going to hurt my feelings a bit. Hell, I've survived bad reviews, what could anyone possibly say to me that would hurt? Maybe that I don't look like my Mom?? Ok, that would probably sting. In truth, I like seeing her face in me. Means she's in my heart and shining out through my face. *grin*



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