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Gearing Up for RT

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are you ready for the Romantic Times convention in Columbus, OH? I'm not! I'm doing my typical pre-convention dance: run around like a maniac while muttering to myself. I sound like a cross between the Nutty Professor and Ghengis Khan. There are times it's been so bad my husband hides behind crosses and holy water.

So far I've accomplished... not much. I've got cover flats for an upcoming print release, Dare to Believe; I've got pens, chapstick with my logo on it, and an outfit for the Fairy Ball. My plane tickets are bought, my room is reserved and my Ad-Libs for the Sinfully Sweet party are... um. (I'm working on that, Renee. *cough*)

I've even made sure that the infamous scooter is ready to go.

Book toting capacity has been tested, as has the distributed weight vs. tilting ratio. I've even got a neat cane holder so I don't have to clench the darn thing between my thighs again this year. (I swear, my thighs could crush Volvos after I got back last year.) And I've got some nifty slide shows to show on my netbook.

So maybe I'm more prepared than I thought. Maybe I'm just experiencing that "OMG! RT! RT! I can't wait!" that usually winds up mixed with "OMG! RT! RT! AHHHHH!"

And maybe I'm just a crazy redhead who likes drama, as Mr. Bell has mentioned once or twice. I may not be ready for RT yet, but damn, I'm looking forward to it. What about you?



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