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Wenches and Tails: Authors After Dark Con Pics

Thursday, August 18, 2011

There will be a lot of recaps about the Authors After Dark convention in Philadelphia. Heck, I did at least three myself, two while I was there. But for me, the major highlight was seeing some of my DCAS peeps, like:

Melissa Schroeder (on the right, next to Eliza Gayle)

I'm not going to go into too much detail, but it felt like one giant party the entire time we were there.

Robert, PJ, me and Hel, one of the event staff and a friend of PJ's.

Okay, I think she was a geisha. I'm probably wrong, though. 

A kitsune and a geisha (Stephanie) at the Mythos Ball. That tail of mine kept getting stuck in the elevator doors.

And tail jokes abounded...

Every time we saw each other she tried to steal my cane. Woman's about two feet taller than me. I'm a freakin' Hobbit next to her. But she still wanted my awesome cane. (Psst... I got it in Epcot's World Showcase!)

Why do I keep thinking Raoul and Christine of Phantom of the Opera?

I'm not certain what PJ was going for, but she looked good. So did her arm candy, who is also a really sweet guy. And damn, can he dance! I admit, I has a jealous. Dusty just wiggles his butt and his arms. Sometimes just his arms. 

We don't dance much.

PJ in her Steampunk/Wench outfit. She fit right in.

I think the theme of the Steampunk Ball was Steampunk Wench/Pirate/Belly Dancer/Southern Belle. If you hit one of those four, you fit right in.

Hel, PJ, D. Renee and Stephanie

Steph did a steampunk pirate queen, and I did a posh Victorian alchemist with a hot cowboy on my arm named...

I did not fit in. Silly non-Wench/Pirate/Belly Dancer/Southern Belle.

Dusty. Yup, I talked him into going to an event with me. We had a blast with PJ and Steph, but we wound up leaving the hotel that night due to me being broken (I'm looking at you, Murphy bed!) 

Note to self: I have to remind Dusty that, when tightening my corset, breathing is not an option. It's a necessity. I don't look that good in blue.

And, in case you wondered, Monica Burns was at the convention, too. I saw her swirl by at least once; woman was damn busy. I think we managed to get in a wave and a smile before we were off and running again. I tried hunting down a pic of her at the con to post, but she moved so fast she was breaking the sound barrier.

All in all, I'd say we had a very good time. We were exhausted by the time it was all over, but what made it special was getting to see not only the new faces I always meet at a con, but being able to hang a bit with people I always have a good time with.



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