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The Journey Continues

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Natalie was describing how some things can throw a monkey wrench in the whole scheme of themes. I had that happen last week. I was doing well with the book, it was marching on toward the end. Then it happened.

I got sick. Not just a little cold sick. I got some flu bug, and for four days I didn't get a word written. I couldn't even think about the book, except for the fact that my deadline was looming and I didn’t know how to finish the book or if I could make the deadline, so I wasn’t just physically ill, I was emotionally sick as well. My brain hasn’t been that cloudy in years!

So essentially I was an entire week behind. Now remember when I said your advance is tied to your deadlines. It’s a good thing I’m on BP meds because otherwise my BP would be sky high due to stress. I worked almost non-stop last weekend without any break trying to make up for lost time. Probably not a good thing to do because by the time I returned to work on Monday, I wasn’t feeling that much better. But hey, you do what you have to do.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the book was finally complete. Not edited mind you, but it was finished, sort of. When I say a book’s complete, I mean it’s been written and copy edited by me at least TWICE. So that when I turn the book over to the editor, the least I have are line edits. I’m not so sure that’s going to happen with this book. I still haven’t even had a chance to do copy editing and the book is due NEXT WEEK.

On top of that, I still don’t have a title yet. The theme of the book is Honor. The hero’s internal conflict revolves around his honor and how he operates in life. This book belongs to the hero, so the title has to have the word honor in.

The second part of the equation is that the hero belongs to an ancient Order of assassins called the Sicari. Now how does an assassin have honor you might ask, well you’ll have to read the book to find out. *grin* Additionally, the hero has this habit of coming to the heroine’s rescue, even if she doesn’t need rescuing. And she tends to tease him about being a knight in shining armor. It’s not a prevailing theme, but it’s there. The hero and his people also use swords for assassinating people and for protecting themselves. Trust me—it works. *grin*

When I turn this book in next week, I want to include a list of titles for Cindy to select from. Now I can’t use Knight in Shining Armor, we all know that’s McNaught’s title. Besides, he’s a great hero, but the title just doesn’t suit. Here some ideas I have and pros/cons. Help a writer out and offer up your own suggestions in the comments. Who knows, maybe your title will make the grade with my editor!

A Sicari’s Honor – this is a strong contender for me. It speaks to the hero’s honor, it mentions his heritage and it suits the book. Drawback is, it doesn’t sound like a romance, and this book is DEFINITELY a romance. This could become the Sicari series I think.

A Sicari Knight – It’s okay

A Sicari’s Love – Maybe

A Sicari’s Passion – THIS would be great for Book 2

Holding Out for a Hero – It’s been used, but I love the title. Problem is, it doesn’t reference honor.

A Knight’s Honor – again it’s been used, and while it speaks to the hero’s honor, it makes it sound like a historical, and I have no desire to tick off one subgenre crowd over another.

Love and Honor – This seems weak to me for some reason, and this hero is a strong alpha, he deserves a strong title for his story.

A Hero’s Honor – this seem weak to me too.

Then there are others I’ve toyed with below:

Love’s Dark Shadow
Love’s Honor
Heart of A Sicari
A Sinner’s Heart
Love’s Sin
A Sicari’s Sin
The Sicari Master
A Knight’s Honor
A Sicari’s Honor
Sin’s Wicked Honor
Honor The Sinner
A Wicked Sin
A Sin of Honor
Honor and Sin
The Sinner
Love’s Prize
A Sicari Sinner
The Wickedness of Being
Sin and Vice
Sins for the Wicked



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