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Process & Delays

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, I missed my deadline TWICE. Ok, so the first one was my own, but I was furious with myself. I mean how hard can it be to write a frigging book? Umm, wait DO NOT answer that. Ok wet noodle to the head.

Second deadline was last Wednesday (not yesterday, but the 15th – dreaded tax day). I knew the week before that it wasn’t going to be in pristine condition. The book was done, but there were two scenes that needed work and I’d not done ANY copy editing. I think copy editing is important as it makes me clean up the manuscript, while at the same time I’ll catch loose ends. Things like oops, the hero is no longer dress in black leather, he’s wearing jeans. Oops, I forgot to take that line out because I shifted it to another scene. Stuff like that.

Anyway, I kept putting off emailing my editor that I was done, but had tweaking to do. I kept thinking—I can do this, I can do this. Then it was the Sunday before the deadline and that “I can do this” chant had become mantras like, “OMG I’m screwed,” “Get the F out of my office now I’m on DEADLINE,” “What the hell was I thinking. Why didn’t ask for that May deadline Deidre told me shoot for???”

So I broke. I emailed my editor and said hey, the book is done, but I have these two scenes that I think you’re going to want edited, do you want me to send the book anyway or may I have a couple more business days to turn in the manuscript (literally only three)? Her response was in the affirmative and she didn’t seem worried at all that I was going to be late with the book. I’ve NO idea if my situation is the norm or not, but I hate not meeting a commitment. It just goes against my work ethic. When I tell someone I’m going to do something, I want them to know I’m going to do it. Problem was, I wound up not turning the book in until Monday evening at 5:30pm.Technically not meeting the deadline, but I got it in on MONDAY.

Now I wait, and that’s excruciating because the book I turned in is SOOOO different from the one I contracted by the proposal. I’ve had two people tell me Cindy’s going to love the book, but until I have Cindy’s blessing, I’m running a little frantic. I sort of need to know that she’s happy with the Book 1 as the deadline for Book 2 is June 15. I know my hero for Book 2, but it’s the plotting piece that worries me. So I’m planning on just moving forward as though Cindy loves it and pray that I’m making the right decisions in terms of plot.

Cindy’s assistant editor emailed me earlier in the week and asked if I wanted a bio and a picture. I thought, hmm, do I want to do this? Yes and no. I take terrible pictures, but I’ve been wanting to get rid of that damn photo on my site for ages now. So I said yes, and I contacted a photographer and we’re in the process of setting things up. The place where I’d really like to have my picture taken is a Maymont Park in Richmond.
Italian Garden - BrideSight.com

Japanese Garden - BrideSight.com

Italian Garden - BrideSight.com

The park has a beautiful Victorian house, and the gardens (as you can see from the photos above) are spectacular. The Italian Garden in particular with its Roman type of column structures would be perfect given my paranormal series features Roman/Italian heroes. *grin* These three photos are the some possibilities of where I’d like to have my photo done. It's perfectly romantic and well-suited for a romance author I think. *grin* I need to wait on the photographer’s date confirmation because Maymont might be booked when I want to go. As you can see by the photos, it’s a popular site for weddings.

So now the process is moving forward and I’m doing a little promo setup before I dive in head first next week to the new book. I just need to get graduation items taken care of for BOTH girls. Oldest is high school and Baby elementary graduation. Plus visiting Longwood where Oldest was accepted and will earn her degree in teaching. She’s going to be a great teacher too! Baby is going to be an engineer. I can feel it in my bones. Me, I’ll just keep on writing, and trying to keep up with the process. LOL



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